Kathleen Williams is EXTREME.

Kathleen Williams is EXTREME.





     During the 2018 primary, Montana Public Radio called Kathleen Williams the strongest supporter of gun control among the Democratic candidates.
She voted against the “Gun Owners Access to Justice Act” which sought to strengthen the Montana Constitution’s right-to-bear arms clause.
She voted against a resolution encouraging firearms manufacturers to move to Montana.
She voted to allow Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to divert funds earmarked for shooting range grants.
She voted against a small tax exemption for ammunition manufacturers to encourage ammo companies to open shop in Montana.



Williams would vote with Pelosi for open borders and amnesty

When given the chance to stand up for the safety of Montana, Williams sided AGAINST YOU. She voted TWICE in the legislature in favor of illegal aliens and sanctuary cities.

Far to the left of Montana’s Democrats

     Kathleen Williams voted against criminalizing driving under the influence of marijuana.

     She opposed providing anti-sex trafficking grants to Eastern Montana.

     She was one of three representatives who voted against enhanced penalties for knowingly assaulting a pregnant woman.

    She voted against requiring parental notification when children under the age of 16 get an abortion. (71% of the electorate voted in favor)

An Obamacare Superfan

Williams supports a path towards Medicare for all which would be medicare for none.

She voted against allowing Montanans to purchase health insurance across state lines.

She repeatedly voted against tax benefits for Montanans who use health-savings accounts, including self-employed business owners.

She voted against a tax credit for seniors buying long-term care insurance so they can continue to live independently.

She voted against tax incentives for small businesses offering affordable, high deductible health insurance plans.

An Opponent of Tax Cuts 

    Williams voted against more than 10 major tax cuts in Montana, totaling over a billion in much-needed taxpayer relief.

    She opposed income tax cuts even when Montana had a $537 million general fund surplus.

    She even voted against a bill requiring large budget surpluses to be partially returned to taxpayers.

    She voted in opposition to a federal balanced budget amendment three times.

STOP Kathleen Williams!

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